Traditional local style
manor house..

The farm, which has square plan and was largely built of stone and faced with brick, was erected in 1890. Supported by wood foundations, it is distributed over two floors. It gathers an elegant entrance portico and a liveable attic which are surmounted by a small tower. It is idyllically set just in the heart of a picturesque village which clusters plenty of further similar houses. It overlooks a lush terraced garden which provides the ideal habitat for plenty of both local and exotic trees and plants (lemon trees, orange trees, citrus orchards, agave, strawberry trees and many more), which grow luxuriantly because of their privileged south-eastern position and the mild climate. These geographical patterns make our olive trees thrive. This is the main reason our clayey and tufaceous hills are punctuated with lush olive groves whose fruits are used to produce an extraordinary bitter and peppery olive oil.
Borgo del Melograno
Via Val Di Ranco, 814 - 47834 Montefiore Conca (Rn)
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